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A Side by Side Comparison: The Original Titanus versus the New Legacy Titanus!

| May 22, 2015 | 1 Comments

I’ve found that there’s a special place in people’s hearts for things they cherished in their childhood.  This is especially the case when you look back at your favorite toys.  Maybe they didn’t have the best technology, features, or detail but they were magical to you and perhaps spurred your imagination to greater heights as a result.

So when a new fancy version of the toy you grew up with comes out, the reactions tend to be mixed.  I’ve found that to be the case with Bandai’s Legacy Power Rangers toy line.  Some people can definitely appreciate the new bells and whistles while others stay true to the classic toy they remember.  Today, we’re going to be doing this comparison for the Legendary Titanus Carrier Zord!

Keep in mind, these photo comparisons are exactly apples to apples because the photos used for the Legacy Titanus are professionally polished photos from Bandai meant to be used on packaging, websites and other things.  Meanwhile, the Original Titanus pictures are simply amateur home photos.  Despite this, I think you’ll be able to get a grasp of the differences.

First off, we have the packages.

Right off the bat, the Legacy packaging on the right gives you a sense that this ain’t your Daddy’s Titanus.  The gold foil treatment on the name Titanus is a nice touch and a precursor of things to come.

Power Rangers Toys Legacy Titanus Package Comparison

Power Rangers Toys Legacy Titanus Package Comparison

Titanus itself!

The mighty Titanus is truly massive in Dino Mode, a total of 22″ from head to tail.  After all, it’s meant to be the carrier of Megazords!  The new Legacy Titanus is comprised of some die cast parts which always make a toy better and give it that extra quality.

Power Rangers Toys Legacy Titanus Comparison

Power Rangers Toys Legacy Titanus Comparison

In addition there are gold metallic paint highlights that really make the Legacy version sparkle.  In addition, the overall details and color schemes are very different, with the Legacy version incorporating more gold and red highlights.  There are also a few green highlights which add a nice touch.

Power Rangers Toys Legacy Titanus Comparison 2

Power Rangers Toys Legacy Titanus Comparison 2

The chain has also been changed to gold too, because I guess that’s how he rolls these days.

Power Rangers Toys Titanus Comparison - Tank Mode

Power Rangers Toys Titanus Comparison – Tank Mode

The Legacy Titanus also rocks some added articulation in the neck.

Titanus Neck Movement

Titanus Neck Movement

And as you well know,  Titanus can combine with both the Legacy Megazord and Dragonzord to create Ultrazord!

Titanus-and-Dragonzord Combination

Titanus-and-Dragonzord Combination

So now you’ve seen them both side by side.  The Titanus you grew up with versus the new tricked out Legacy version.  I for one and am all about this new Legacy version!  On a pure toy basis, to me it’s no contest.  But again, I understand childhood emotions can be very powerful.  What camp are you in?

You can check out the full specs for each item on Amazon for the Original Titanus and the Legacy Titanus.

Both of them are also available in the Mighty Morphin section of our Amazon Power Rangers Toy Shop!


















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  1. danny says:

    i was wondering if you are able to tell me if the legacy megazord willmount with the old titanus.

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